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Erq a posted Jun 23, 16

Aden tink? I thought that was Maddy oops, so this is icecrown all over again with the 14 month Tier.
Bummolo The Doomfire is the candle we help him blow out.
Erq a Yea we've been doing Hellfire for a year

Mythic Archimonde down!

Erq a posted Mar 16, 16

Great job team. Looking forward to what the future has to offer us.

We have come a long way.

From hardly being able to do normal Imperator when I first joined, to doing our first mythic raid with 16 people.

Lets go into Legion strong (beta inc!) and get some phat lewtz.

Jezaebel Tyrant Vel-hardly?
Temper hardly*

Mythic Mano down!

Erq a posted Feb 24, 16

Aden fat panda in front is blocking me, i request all panda's stand in the back!!!
Lylana Here u go Erq this was the best shot I got. People sucked at standing in a group.